Drug addiction in Chile.

Today drug addiction on people is common. this is causes by: family problems, peer pression or for experimentation.

• one of the reasons of drug addiction is causes for problems inside our family

• drug addiction also can caused for pression into our social circle.

• finally some of people is drug addicted for experimentation or curiosity.

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5 Responses to Drug addiction in Chile.

  1. Anthony Rauld says:

    Yes!!!! good start… I think your thesis statement is clear and they coincide with you paragraphs.. one suggestion: Put the paragraphs in the same order as the porotitos in your thesis statement and try to make the language in your topic sentence more closely the same as the language in your thesis (its ok to repeat, it just helps with clarity).

    good work!!!

  2. trauld says:

    OK, good start. Your thesis statement is clear and it reflects the body paragraphs pretty clearly although the first body paragraph should state more clearly what you mean by domestic problems (before jumping to why young people want to isolate themselves from them)… ok, good post.

  3. trauld says:

    ok, your thesis statement is there, just make it clearer, but the topic sentences are not there yet. You must restate one “porotito” of the thesis statement for each topic sentence, and that’s all you need, the body paragraphs you will write later on in the semester. FOr now, only write the thesis statement and the topic sentences… before wednesday (as a new post).

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