Drug addiction in Chile.

Drug addiction today in Chile has increased as the years pass in people of all ages, especially young people.
Youth and young adults between 18 and 31 years are the ones who use drugs.

Today drug addiction on people is common. this is causes by: family problems, peer pression or for experimentation.

• One of the reasons of drug addiction is causes for problems inside our family. Adolescents living a crisis stage and trying to avoid trouble, seek easy ways out or forms to forget, for example by drugs. within the problems family may exist
misunderstanding, miscommunication, shock, intra-familial abuse, rejection, step, abandonment, lack of financial resources, difficulties in school, grinding poverty and lack of affection, feeling that they are not ones at home, teens have the impression of not being heard or taken into account. believing that will only ingest once the substance, but in reality it creates a habit or addiction.

• Drug addiction also can caused for pression into our social circle. They also use drugs when there are problems around them. For example: Not being accepted by friends or a condition for joining a group is ingesting drugs, be like them, imitating them, make them believe that “trips” are as much, or worse, fall into social influence. It is best to stay away from such groups,called “friends.”
When addicts is still home, suffer from depression and mental isolation, resulting in poor performance or absenteeism and poor family communication.

• Finally some of people is drug addicted for experimentation or curiosity, the myths about the drug (increased by the media), as well as ignorance and misinformation, generate interest in many young people know a phenomenon that is attractive, interest is added to natural need to experience new things, which may include drugs. Sometimes young people with an insane curiosity, for observe that some adolescents from the age mimic the act of taste and feel the use of any drug.

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