Drug addiction in Chile.

Drugs are destroying our society if we don’t do something fast, we are going to lose a lot of young people

As the years pass, drug addiction in Chile increases at an alarming rate. People of all ages are falling victim to drug addiction, but it is the youth and young adults, between 18 and 31, that are the ones who use drugs. What causes drug addiction? Today drug addiction is caused by family problems, peer pressure, and also by a need to experiment.

•Drug addiction is often caused by problems within the family. Adolescents, who are often living through a crisis stage, trying to avoid trouble by seeking an easy way out of their problems, especially those problems that are related to family conflict.They want to forget, they often turn to drugs.Problems within the family often include misunderstanding, miscommunication, abuse, rejection, abandonment, lack of financial resources, difficulties in school,poverty and lack of affection. Young people often feel that they are not being heard or taken into account. At first, they that they will only drugs once, but in reality, it this creates a habit or addiction

•Drug addiction is also caused by pressure from social circles. People use drugs when there are problems around them, for example, when a person, in order to be accepted by friends, or as a condition for joining a group, has to drugs. It is best to stay away from such groups of so-called “friends.”

•Finally, some people addictsed because they want to experiment or because they are curious. The myths about drugs (reproduced by the media), as well as ignorance and misinformation, generate interest in many young people. They see drugs as an attractive phenomena, so interest is added to the natural need to experience new things. . Sometimes, young people develop an insane curiosity, because it has been observed that some adolescents from an early age mimic the act of tastinge and feeling the effects of drugs.

Drug addiction is slowly destroying the society and this often creates more crime, also destroy family and social circle of people addicted . That is why we must pay close attention to what happens in our families, we can avoid that a loved one fall in drugs.

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